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Truth About Zeal All-In-One Natural - Scientifically Engineered Product

What is Zeal Wellness?

Someone on Facebook sent me a message today asking if I had heard of Zeal for Life? The answer was, yes. 

Someone in my 86 year old young mother's bowling league asked her this question and offered her an opportunity to try Zeal Wellness.

My mother declined her offer. My mom uses my Fit for Life Healthy Program and System (see another blog). My mother doesn't have any diseases, takes no over the counter drugs or prescribed medications. She sees an MD once a year for an annual check up. Her friend told her she had arthritis and suffered from chronic pain.    

Many people especially seniors are seeking natural remedies to find relief from health issues. Some are looking for the silver bullet for nutrition or quick fix for a health issue. Like drugs and medication, there is no quick fix for health and wellness using chemicals or scientifically engineered foods. There is no all-in-one pharmaceutical that will substitute for eating real live whole foods.  

Food for Thought: 
Take accountability and responsibility for your own health. Do your own research on Zeal Wellness before you Feel the Zeal. It is my recommendation that you do not drink Zeal Wellness products. 

The Truth About Zeal All-In-One Natural Product

Here is why:
Zeal Wellness tells you exactly what is in their products and who it is made in their promotional video. It is a "scientifically engineered" product. They say the products are an all-in-one scientifically engineered natural nutritional drink. 

What does that mean? 
It means that all their products start with natural foods, but end up a chemical product after the engineering process. In a nutshell, Zeal Wellness creates a reconstructed product from a group of whole foods and puts them into a concentrated formula blend.

How is a concentrated product made? 
From concentrate means all of the liquid (with the natural vitamins and minerals) has been removed from the food. Consider how a homemade or store purchased super green juice is made, you put vegetables kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley plus a carrot, beet or maybe an apple in a juicer - the pure essence liquid is extracted for the drink, and we throw away the pulp as garbage.

A concentrated product means they have removed the liquid and use the pulp to scientifically create the powdered products. You purchase the container add water or some other juice into that chemical powder. 

Zeal Wellness has excellent marketing, however, most people don't know how to do research to determine the value of the supplements. Zeal Wellness claims to provide an excellent source of "nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that enrich, restore, and protect your body at the cellular level. Not true. 

One can not protect and restore the body with eating or drinking chemical products. You will get a natural caffeine kick and some may feel better for a while but will pay the price later. Even I have been duped by some of these types of companies because they are vague about what is in the product or do not list everything in the product. 

One has to eat real, live whole foods like green leafy green vegetables to repair the body systems, citrus fresh and roots to clean the body fruit, fruit in season, berries and whole grains for fuel and energy, plus plant based protein and shitake mushrooms for muscles, strength, and endurance.
Drink Alkaline Water (1/2 your body weight to flush the fat):
One also must drink real water with a good pH balance of 7 or higher and get the proper rest. The body has the innate ability to cleanse, balance, repair and regenerates itself with proper nutrition starting with whole organic fresh live foods. 

Read the labels:  
What are the first three ingredients? 
That is what the main product is. If you can't pronounce it - don't drink or eat it.

Avoid all chemicals in the food or drink, avoid reconstituted, reconstructed and from concentrated they are all chemicals claiming to be food. Avoid all white stuff like bleached foods, white sugar, sugar substitutes, and white rice. 

Special Note:
Also avoid corn syrup, all "Monsanto" corn, and Monsanto soy products. (Monsanto injects "Roundup Pesticide" into the corn and soy seeds) They look like corn and soy, but they are registered with FDA as a pesticide. You can't wash Roundup Pesticide off, you are eating pesticide. Read the labels and if the ingredients have three syllable words - it is not a food. rule of thumb - if you can't  pronounce it - Don't eat or drink it!

There you have it -  FREE advice to be Fit for Life Healthy! 
Here is to your Health and Wellness
Dr Saquina Akanni, 
Candidate IMD-PhD
Integrative Medicine,
Quantum University

Do your own research. Google it!
Thank you Supplement Geek for your contribution:

Here is some useful information from Supplement Geek

If the Zeal Wellness drink does anything, I think that answer lies mostly in its “Key Ingredients.” From the table above, we can see that there are 6 different key ingredients listed. They are:
  1. Tocotrienols & Tocopherols
  2. Inositol
  3. Gamma oryzanol
  4. Phytosterols
  5. Polyphenols
  6. Polysaccharides
Let's take a closer look at these now and try to make sense of them.

How Much Caffeine?

I'm not sure how much caffeine is in the Zeal Wellness Drink. The label does mention “natural caffeine” but I can't find an amount listed.  I did see references stating it contains a level of caffeine similar to a “cup of premium coffee.” This is similar to the vague caffeine claim for 5 hr Energy. See that review for more on that product.

Ingredients With Caffeine

While I do not know the amount of caffeine, here are the ingredients in the Zeal Wellness Drink that I believe might contain caffeine:
  • Guarana
  • Yerba Mate
  • Green Tea
It is said the green tea in the product is considered decaffeinated. That means it probably has very little caffeine. Either way, I believe it's the caffeine content that's at the heart of the “boosts energy” claim for the product.

Zeal Sweeteners

Looking at the ingredients list above, I believe these are the sweeteners in Zeal Wellness Drink (Tropic Dream flavor):
  • Crystalline fructose
  • Natural orange flavor
  • Natural pineapple flavor
  • Natural lemon flavor
  • Natural lime flavor
  • Stevia
Crystalline fructose is basically another name for the sugar, fructose. I noticed that this was also an ingredient in the Zeal Protein shake. When I reviewed Right Size Smoothies, I also saw this in the ingredients. Is crystalline fructose healthier than high fructose corn syrup? Personally, I don't think it is and I question its use in health products. For more on this see this LA Times review and Nutrition Action.

Is It Vegan?

Yes, the label states Zeal Wellness Formula is vegan and gluten free.

Who Makes Zeal?

The company is called Zurvita. Another name is Zurvita Holdings. I listed more about them in my review of the Zeal Protein Shake. See that for more information.

Zeal Research

I was unable to find published clinical evidence for the Zeal Wellness drink demonstrating that it in fact improved health and wellness in humans. I searched both and for research but could not find any.

Side Effects

Here are some things that I thought were worth mentioning based on the ingredients. This list is not complete. Speak to your doctor if you have any health issues or take any medications.
Stop taking the wellness drink at least 2 weeks before having surgery. This in case some of the ingredients have blood thinner properties.
Speak to your doctor first if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
Because it has caffeine, avoid drinking close to bedtime.
Fructose might raise triglyceride levels.
One study I located noted that gamma oryzanol might reduce TSH levels in humans. This might be an issue for those with hypothyroidism.
Drinking yerba mate beverages regularly may be associated with an increase in the risk of some cancers. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist for more specific information on this.
Some animal research hints that kudzu might interfere with estrogen levels. Could this mean kudzu might also interfere with birth control pills? I'm not aware of any human evidence for this.

Does It Work?

The Zeal Wellness Blend has a lot of ingredients but without human clinical evidence, it's difficult to say if it actually improves wellness or not. It has some exotic ingredients but does exotic always mean better? Is the Zeal wellness drink better than a smoothie you can make in your kitchen using regular fruits and veggies you get at your local supermarket? That's the question I would like to know.